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Family History

The Mauger family was first found on the Isle of Guernsey Channel Islands. The surname Mauger is one of the oldest in Channel Islands and occurs in the very early histories of both Jersey and Guernsey. It is believed to have originated from Archbishop Mauger de Rouen, the uncle of William the Conquerer. William is reputed to have banished Mauger to Guernsey in 1055.  He settled in Saints Bay, where he met a young girl called Guille or Giselle and had several children.


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Mary Jane Mauger & Percy Bertram Bateman



Mary Anne Jane ELLIS

Three sons of William ELLIS and Margaret TYLER, born in Kent England, immigrated to Australia, William, George born c. 1831 and Henry born c.1834.
They arrived in Sydney in December 1853 on board the ship "Herefordshire".
Henry and George both travelled to the gold fields at Silver Creek, near Beechworth Victoria.

Located on the Stanley Road, (heading from Beechworth to Stanley) just over Silver Creek on the left (Cnr of Mauger Lane)- was The Australian Arms Hotel (1856-1876). It was sold by Edwin Warden to Henry ELLIS in 1862.  George ELLIS purchased the hotel from his brother (Henry ELLIS) in December 1870 and ran it with his wife Jane until about 1876 after which no further record can be found.

Prior to moving to Silver Creek, Victoria George ELLIS married in Sydney NSW on 24 May 1855 to Jane JENKIN/S (daughter of William Edward JENKINS and Mary Ann JENKINS) and had 6 children.
Jane JENKINS was Baptised on 25 December 1836 in the parish of Shoreditch, St Leonard, Borough of Hackney (East London), then Middlesex, England. The residence was listed as "Ann's Place" and her father William's occupation was shoe maker, which was one of the major jobs in this area at the time.
In the Census of 1841, the family was in the same area - St Leonard, Shoreditch, Ossulstore, Tower Division. (Tower Hamlets)
William JENKINS (JANKINS), aged 40, labourer
Mary JENKINS, 45
Thomas JENKINS, aged 15, labourer
James JENKINS, 15
Sarah JENKINS, 15
Elizabeth JENKINS, 10
Jane JENKINS, 4.

By the census in 1851, Jane's siblings had left home and the address was listed as Kingsland Road, Middlesex, Shoreditch.
William JENKINS, aged 81?, occupation - cut work
Mary JENKINS, aged 52?, occupation - green grocer
Jane JENKINS, aged 14

In 1853, a Jane JENKINS immigrated to Australia aged 19, travelling as a single female, not being a member of a family, her occupation is listed as Genl Servant and place of birth - Shoreditch. Jane JENKINS arrived in Sydney on board the ship "Talavera" on 6 September 1853.
Our George owned the Australian Arms Hotel at Silver Creek Beechworth Victoria until 1874/76 afterwhich no records have been found, he either disappeared or died. 
Many years later a George ELLIS turned up and is listed as land owner in Mulwala area (took up land at Boomanoonana NSW in 1890). We next find this George ELLIS dead on 24 October 1891 in a police report.

New South Wales Police Gazette 1891
The suspicious death of George Ellis 24 Oct 1891 at Mulwala NSW. A Police report has a constable from Mulwala Police Station identifying the body.

After the disappearance or death of her husband, George ELLIS in about 1874, it is not sure what became of Jane JENKINS. However on 28 July 1875,a baby named John ELLIS died at 2 days old at Silver Creek, his mother is listed as Jessie Jane ELLIS and the father is John ELLIS, miner. The informant is John Bennett RICHARDS and the baby is buried in the Beechworth Cemetery in the Wesleyan Section, no number recorded.
It could be that Jane ELLIS (nee JENKINS) became pregnant to John RICHARDS after her husband George had left and changed her name and details slightly. So this maybe our Jane ELLIS (nee JENKINS).

On 20 May 1882, this Jessie Jane ELLIS, aged 43 married John Bennett RICHARDS, aged 46 (born at Cornwall England son of John RICHARDS,farmer and Johanna RICHARDS (nee BENNETT), bachelor at Silver Creek, Beechworth. Jessie is listed as a widow since 1784 and has 6 living children and 1 deceased child from her previous marriage. Jessie was born in London England to parents, Edward William JENKINS, carpenter and Mary Ann JENKINS (nee "unreadable"?)
On 5 May 1892, Jessie Jane RICHARD, housewife of Silver Creek dies after 5 years of "cancer of the womb". Her parents are listed as Edward William JENKINS, carpenter and Mary Ann JENKINS (formerly GEORGE).  She was born in London and had been in Victoria for 35 years. She married at age 45 in Beechworth to John Bennett RICHARDS and had no issue.

Jessie Jane RICHARDS is buried with her husband John Bennett RICHARDS in the Beechworth Cemetery in the Church of England section. It is possible that this is our Jane ELLIS (nee JENKINS).


George ELLIS and Jane ELLIS (nee JENKINS) had 6 children:
Mary Jane ELLIS (#2273 born 12 Oct 1856 at 1856 Dowling Street Camperdown, Sydney NSW). (Married W G MAUGER)
Their second child, Elizabeth was born in Beechworth in February 1858. 2.Eliza ELLIS b 1858 Pennyweight Flat { Beechworth} # 8892 (married David LEES)
3. George Henry ELLIS b 1859 Indigo { the valley between Beechworth and Chiltern. # 16613 (married Sarah Ann WELDON)
4. Margaret ELLIS b 1862 Indigo # 2793 (married John BILLSBORROW)
5. Harriet ELLIS b 1864 Beechworth # 13335 (married Laurence PENDERGAST)
6. Hanna ELLIS b 1866 Beechworth # 13070 (Married George LARKIN).

George Henry ELLIS { b Chiltern} m Sarah Ann WELDON { b Stanley} 1889 #6757
They had:
1. Alfred b 1890 Yackandandah # 8862 d 1890 Yack' # 5326
2. Pearl b 1892 Dederang # 3246 d 1892 Ded'# 1552
3. William George b 1893 Dederang # 21714
4. Gerte Elsie b 1895 Dederang
5. Edith Rose b 1896 Dederang # 19245
6. John b 1898 Dederang # 10470 d 1898 Ded'# 7143
7. Flor May b 1899 Dederang # 9869

George ELLIS d 1912 Yackandandah # 8140
Sarah ELLIS d 1924 Beechworth aged 59 parents Stephen WELDON and Mary SCOTT # 12971

Hannah ELLIS m George William LARKIN { b Beechworth} 1891 # 4534

HENRY ELLIS (George's brother) also moved to the Ovens Gold Fields at Silver Creek Victoria.  He was briefly the owner of the Australian Arms Hotel at Silver Creek which he purchased in 1869, but sold shortly afterwards to George.
Henry settled at Tawanga after some years mining in the Yackandandah district.  He brought over 250 acres of land there.  Henry, a highly-respected cricketer in the North East, never married.  He died on 11 March 1909 and is buried at Yackandandah.

William George MAUGER was born on 24 February 1839 in St Lawrence Jersey Channel Islands (# see his family tree in table further down on this page).
On the 1841 census his residence was in St Peter Port Guernsey, Channel Islands.
He died on 17 April 1913 in Beechworth Victoria Australia and was buried on 19 April 1913 also at Beechworth in the Church of England Section F number 76. 
He came to Australia at the age of 20 and settled at Silver Creek shortly afterwards.
William worked all of his life as a miner and was still working on his claim when he was in his 70's.
He married at the Presbyterian Church Beechworth on 22 December 1873 to Mary Anne Jane ELLIS ( born 12 Oct 1856 at #2273/1856 Dowling Street Camperdown, Sydney NSW). Ann was added to her name for marriage, she was born Mary Jane.
Mary Jane was the daughter of George ELLIS, licensee of the Australian Arms Hotel at Silver Creek with his wife Jane JENKINS.
William and Mary Jane MAUGER established a home on Stanley Road opposite the hotel and brought up 13 children.
Mary Ann Jane MAUGER  survived her husband William by 5 years, she died on 25 February 1918 at Beechworth and is buried at the Beechworth Cemetery, Victoria, Australia. (C of E F76)


1.William George 1874-1951
2.Charles 1876-1933
3.MARY JANE 1878-1975
4.Elizabeth 1882-1936
5.Harriet 1884-1936
6.John 1886-1961
7.Hannah 1888-1957
8.Jane 1890-1925
9.Alice 1891-1970
10.Jessie 1892-1970
11.Margaret Grace 1894-1955
12.George Henry 1897-yyyy
13.Edward Albert 1901-1978

 1. William George

was born 1874 in Beechworth, Victoria. In 1924 his residence was Silver Creek, Beechworth Victoria. His occupation was Miner in Moonee Ponds, Vic. He never married and died on 5 July 1951 in Beechworth and buried at Beechworth on 6 July 1951. 

2. Charles  

born 1876 in Beechworth. Residence in 1903 was Tawonga, Indi, Vic.  He married Elsie Helena BRIGGS in 1928 at Moonee Ponds, Vic. He died on 25 April 1933 in Wangaratta, Vic. (Buried 26 April 1933 in Yackandandah Victoria. (C of E Row 12 13/419.

3. Mary Jane

born 27 April 1878 at Beechworth (Silvercreek) Victoria (reg # 060825)Her occupation in 1906 was dressmaker in Silver Creek. She married on 16 June 1906 at the Congregational Church Beechworth to Percy Bertram BATEMAN . Mary died on 5 April 1965 in Melbourne Victoria.
They had 5 children:
Herbert Leslie BATEMAN
Colin Betram BATEMAN
Arthur Roland BATEMAN

4. Elizabeth
(also known as Eliza)

born 1882 Beechworth, Vic (Cert # 13433) Residence in 1903 was at Silver Creek, she married in 1922 to Henry MURRAY. She died in 1936 at Beechworth.

5. Harriet  

born 1882, Beechworth. (cert #07029) Occupation in 1924 was home duties in Moonee Ponds, residence was Silver Creek. She had one child named Roy John RICHARDSON. She died in 1936 

6. John 

born 1884 Beechworth (cert#14608). Residence in 1924 Silver Creek, Occupation in Moonee Ponds as Labourer. Married on Louise Emily MILLS (his cousin from England).
They had no children.
He died on 23 Oct 1961 and buried in Beechworth.
  (According to Cemetery records, John was aged 79 and was buried 31 December 1965 in C of E Section F grave number 301 with Louise Emilie MAUGER).

7. Hannah 

born 1886 Beechworth (Cert#15798) and died on 12 Feb 1957. 
She married Thomas C GLADSTONE (born 1888) and had 4 children:-
Edward GLADSTONE (died 1957)
Gordon Thomas GLADSTONE 
Allan GLADSTONE (died 1923)
Harold Geoffrey GLADSTONE.

8. Jane 

born 1888 Beechworth (Cert #8712) and died in 1925. She married Walter Frederick George ELLIOTT and had 2 children:
Lorna and Keith ELLIOTT. 

9. Alice  

born 11 July 1890 Beechworth. (Cert# 19805). Married George Edmund COLLINS (1892-1970) on 20 April 1920 in Silver Creek. She died on 2 Oct 1970. They had 3 children:

10. Jessie 

born 1892 Beechworth (cert# 10266) and died in 1970. She married Arthur JOHNSON (born 1892) and had 3 children:

11. Margaret Grace
(also known as Peg) 

born 1895 Beechworth (Cert#817). Married in 1929 to Albert TOMLINSON. She died at Heidelburg Victoria in 1955. They had one child:
Florence Margaret TOMLINSON (known as Margaret).

12. George Henry  

born 1896 Beechworth (cert# 25420). His occupation in 1924 was in Moonee Ponds, Vic - Miner. His residence in 1924 was in Silver Creek.  He died in 1979 at St Kilda, Victoria. He married Evelyn and had 2 children
Kenneth MAUGER
Dorothy MAUGER

13. Edward Albert 

born 26 Oct 1901  Beechworth. (Cert # 731). Married Mary SHENNAN in 1932. Residence in 1936 was Gapstead, Vic, occupation at Moonee Ponds - Tobacco Grower. He died on 12 Nov 1978 in Donald Vic and buried at Beechworth Vic on 14 Nov 1978 in the Presbyterian section A number 187a. 
His wife Mary SHENNAN was born 18 July 1901 in Beechworth the daughter of John SHENNAN and Grace Jane NANKERVIS. In 1931 her residence was in Silver Creek and Occupation in 1936 was home duties at Moonee Ponds. She died on 27 Oct 1968 in Myrtleford (Gapstead), Vic and buried on 30 Oct 1968 at Beechworth in Presbyterian Section A grave number 187a. Edward and Mary had 3 children:
Kevin Edward MAUGER
Margaret Janette MAUGER
Elaine Joyce MAUGER.

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Family Tree








Born 1716 Jersey Channel Islands

Died 1 Nov 1749
married 16 Jan 1736
Judith LOFFOLEY died 1749

Daniel born 1737






Jean (male) born 1741






Edovard MAUGER born 23 Nov 1746
died 24 August 1787
married 15 Feb 1766
Jeanne DIALIAH born 1746
died 28 Sept 1793

Elizabeth 1769






Edovard born 19 April 1772
married Jeanne Le BROCA born 1772

Edward 28 Feb 1790

St Lawrence Jersey Channel Island

Married Marie Elizabeth WRIGHT born 1790

Edovard 1818-1824






Marie 1820






Hariette 1822






Jane 1824






Edovard 1827






George William 1829-1916






Jean (male) 1831






Charles Samuel 1834






Hariette 1836






William George MAUGER

born 24 Feb 1839 St Lawrence Jersey Channel Islands
married Mary Anne Jane ELLIS






Jane 1841





George William 1791






Jeanne 1792






Jean (male) 1796






Jean (male) 1796-1866






Charles 1799






Marie 1802







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Extracts taken from "Silver Threads and Golden Needles The early history of Silver Creek, Beechworth" written by M. Rosalyn Shennan.

Gold was first discovered in this area in 1852 and in November 1852, the population of May Day Hills (now Beechworth) was in excess of 1200, most of them "Sydney Immigrants".  One of the biggest rushes at Silver Creek took place in June 1856, with 600 claims marked in that week. By the end of 1856 the population was about 13,000 (nearly 2000 were Chinese).

The Australia Arms hotel was established on the main road from Beechworth to Stanley. Mr Edwin Warden was the licensee.

By the 1860's, some reef mining was taking place at Silver Creek. On 9 October 1863, William Mauger & Co had registered a claim at Silver Creek. The locality was described as "Creek Claim, 4 men, Junction Spring and Silver Creeks". The mining population was continuing to decline and by December 1864 there were reported to be 38 miners at Silver Creek. Some miners returned to a trade and tradesman and labourers were in demand at the Lunatic Asylum where building work commenced in 1865.

One of the first Government land sales in the Silver Creek was in February 1862. In the following two years C E Bateman purchases an allotment and between 1866 and 1870 land was taken up by Henry Ellis.

According to the Beechworth Shire Rates books in 1870 at Silver Creek, George ELLIS  and Joseph ELLIS (Don't think Joseph ELLIS is related?) are listed. In 1877 Joseph ELLIS, miner is listed as having house and garden on Crown Land. Also in 1877 William MAUGER, miner also has a house and garden on Crown Land.

The Australian Arms Hotel (1856-1876) was sold by Edwin Warden to Henry ELLIS in 1862.  George ELLIS purchased the hotel from his brother (Henry ELLIS) in December 1870 and ran it until about 1876 after which no further record can be found. There was fierce competiton for customers amongst the Hotels in the area and George Ellis advertised swimming baths as it's main attraction. "Fresh water three or four times a week. Tuesdays and Fridays were reserved for Ladies" Single bath was 1 shilling or a season ticket was 10 shillings. He also advertised Very Superior Colonial Wine.

On 8 April 1881 a petition from the residents from Silver Creek was sent to the Minister for Public Instruction in regard to the establishment of a State School as the distance to the Beechworth or Hurdle Flat Schools was too great for young children to travel.
On this petition was listed (amoungst others).

Joseph ELLIS had 4 children to attend aged 13,11, 9, 7.
W G MAUGER had 4 children to attend aged 7,5,3,2.
The application was successful.

Both of these names appeared again on a petition in October 1884 complaining that the teacher Mr Woolnough was neglectful in his duties, this petition was also successful, causing the teacher to resign.

From the rate books for 1884, William MAUGER is still a miner at Silver Creek. Joseph ELLIS is listed as a labourer. There is also a John Bennett RICHARDS, miner who I think married Jane (Jessie) ELLIS (nee JENKINS) after George ELLIS had left. (John Bennett RICHARDS, also is listed as a miner owning a house, out buildings, garden and farm on the rates struck 21 December 1876.

Outbreaks of typhoid fever were quite common and in one outbreak in 1886, the illness had occured in the family of Joseph ELLIS.
In 1887 an extension to the school was requested. Wm. Geo. Mauger had 7 children and Joseph Ellis had 1 left at school.

In 1889 there was an outbreak of diptheria at the school.

Even though the parents fought hard to keep the school at Silver Creek, it closed in October 1893.

The local parents did not give up the fight and early March 1897 they applied for the school to be reopened.  On the list of children who would attend were:

Jane MAUGER born 3 April 1888, Alice MAUGER born 11 July 1890 and Jessie MAUGER  born 1892, the distance to proposed school was half a mile, as opposed to the nearest existing school at a distance of 2 and a quarter miles.

They were successful and the school reopened in October 1897 and closed for good in about 1927.

1908 Electoral Roll for Indi Victoria, subdivision of Beechworth, Silver Creek there are no Ellis's listed, the following Mauger's are listed:
Eliza, Dressmaker. Mary Ann Home Duties, Mary Jane Home Duties, William George, Miner and William George Jnr, Miner.

In 1909, Maggie Mauger is listed as doing a recitation at the Silver Creek Picnic. At the 1914 picnic - E Mauger came second in the Grade 7 race.

The outbreak of the war in 1914 saw several local lads join up including Jack Mauger.

The Maugers also played cricket and in a poem written by Phillip O'Reilly about 1920, a match between Asylum and Silver Creek, a couple of lines are devoted to them.
"Jack Mauger and Tom Gladstone first the brunt of the battle bore....Jack Mauger and Jim Counsell too, soon failed to hold their crease, but walked away with spirits gay - They'd got a duck apiece."
"Ted Mauger and A Tomlinson now raised their battle-cry, and into the arena rushed, intent to do or die...........Ted Mauger fell, McCormack came..."
"He struck the ball, Oh shattered hopes! Tom Gladstone rang his knell, Soon Tighe was by Jack Mauger bowled then Kelly's wicket fell."

Jack and Edward Mauger were still playing cricket in the 1924 Silver Creek Cricket team.

After the school closed in 1927, and by the 1930's the Post Office had closed and the last remaining hotel had closed, some families had left the area altogether.  There was no longer a living to be made from mining or from wood cutting.