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Family History

The meaning of Wynd - narrow laneway or alley


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George Wynd (b. 1831)



Marchie Sarah TAYLOR born in Canada.

Living Female 19xx

Robert WYND, cloth merchant and Janet WYND (nee NICOLL )(born 10 May 1758 at Perthshire Scotland) married in the Parish of Inchture, Scotland on 7th March 1778 and had 13 children all born at Inchture, Scotland. Their 12th child was a son named George WYND born 31 Dec 1798 baptised 7 January 1799 in their own house at Inchture, Scotland.
George WYND (occupation - joiner) married Ann PORTER (the daughter of Peter PORTER & Christian PORTER (nee SMITH)) at Errol, Scotland.

George and Ann WYND had 9 children all born at Errol, Scotland.  Their 6th child was a son also named George WYND born on 4th October 1831 at Errol, Scotland.

George came to Australia with cousin David WYND (family heresay) in about 1852 - 55. David settled at Mortlake with a family of 16.

On the flyleaf of a small bible given to George by his sister Christian (which was held by Lily WICKERTON (his granddaughter) before her death in 1986)) was  recorded the following inscriptions €œTo Christian Wynd from her uncle October 15th 1848, George Wynd Melbourne 1853, George Wynd Sale Jan 1st 1866". The writing was faint and hard to read.

George is said to have built a church at Daylesford, Victoria, Australia where he would have met Margett  DAVIDSON (nee YEATES) who was married to Maxwell McWillough DAVIDSON at the Church of England, Church of St George, Hobart Town, Van Diemans Land (Tasmania) on 26th November 1850. (Maxwill was a mariner presumed lost at sea, some think he left his family).

Maxwell DAVIDSON & Margaret DAVIDSON (nee YEATES) had the following children all born in Hobart, Tasmania.

1.Unnamed male born on 1854 and died after five minutes of convulsions.

2.Maxwell Davidson (mechanic/ blacksmith) b 24 April 1855 Hobart died Feb 1912 in Coolgardie Hospital WA from burns from an accident while cleaning a motor bike in a tent at Carbine WA m Elizabeth McCord. They had one child named Maxwell James DAVIDSON (grocer ) who was wounded at Gallipoli on died on 6 May 1915 at Egypt.

3.Unnamed female b 7 July 1858

4. (Minnie) €“ Margaret Davidson €“ Domestic b 3 July 1860 d 4 Jun 1887 at Fitzroy buried with her mother (Margaret WYND (nee YEATES/DAVIDSON) and her step father - George WYND (at Sale, Victoria)
When Margett found herself and her two children deserted they came to Dayleford Vic where

5. Annie DAVIDSON (school teacher) 32 years service in Vic was born 3 Oct 1862 died 2 Aug 1930 Sunbury Asylum, unmarried.

George WYND & Margaret WYND (YEATES/DAVIDSON) had 5 children during the period from 1865 to 1874. The first child was born at Daylesford, Victoria and the others were born at Sale, Victoria, Australia. George continued building at Sale, including a couple of churches and became they prominent citizens. However the couple were not married until 1897 at Daylesford.

This is the Death Notice for George "Monday 11 January, 1915, at his residence, Sale, George, dearly loved husband of Marget (sic) Wynd, aged 83 years.


George WYND (4 Oct 1831) married Margaret YEATES/YATES. Their 4th child was a son named Alexander WYND.

GEN 3 Alexander WYND (1870-1941) married Marchie Sarah TAYLOR (1892-1955). they had 10 children:
GEN 4 1. Violet Margaret 1892-1892
2. Maude Vera EMERY 1893-1988
3. Elsie May CHRISTIE 1895-1987
4. Alexander Alec 1896-1939
5. Ida Madge 1898-1962
6. John 1902-1902
7. Frederick William 1903-1988
8. Reginald Arthur 1906-1925
9. Rita Marjory 1907-1970
10. UNA JEAN born at Sale Gippsland on 14 April 1912  and died 27 July 1990 Cobram Victoria.
UNA JEAN married

Colin Bertram BATEMAN born 14 April 1911 at Coburg. Married in Melbourne Registration Office on 24 August 1940. Una and Col had 3 children.
Living female (married living Ford)
Living male
Living female

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Alexander Wynd (1870-1941)







Family Tree







Robert WYND married Janet NICHOL (born 10 May 1758 Perthshire Scotland) at Inchture Perth Scotland on 20 Mar 1778 Alexander born 17th January 1779 at Inchture






Robert born 23 April 1780 at Inchture






Elizabeth born 20 Jan 1782 at Inchture






James born 1 Feb 1784  





Janet born 18 Dec 1785      



John born 9 Dec 1787 






Isabel born 1 Nov 1789 






Euphame born 8 Oct 1791 






Margaret born 18 Apr 1793 






Agnes born 26 Jan 1795 






John born 21 Feb 1797 






George born 31 Dec 1798 at Inchture Perth Scotland baptised 7 Jan 1799. Married Ann/Anne PORTER in Inchture, Scotland James born 6 May 1821 bap 14 May 1821 at Errol Perth Scotland 






Christian born 1822 at Errol, Scotland 






Janet born 24 Nov 1823 bap 17 Dec 1823






Robert born 10 Jul 1826 bap 27 Aug 1826 






Peter Porter born 14 June 1829 bap 9 Aug 1829 






George born 4 Oct 1831 at Errol Perth Scotland. Died at Sale Victoria 5 Jan 1915 - Cemetery allot 15 sec H
Married Margaret YATES 
First born child John was born in Daylesford in 1865 and died at age 17 months at Sale (family had moved to Sale Victoria in 1866)





  George WYND born 1866 at Sale, Victoria died 1936 





  Jane (Sarah) WYND born 1868 at Sale, Victoria died 1941  married Joseph WICKERTON born 1862 died 1952

A WICKERTON descendant has established the following website.






Alexander WYND born 1810 died 1941 married Marchie Sarah TAYLOR (1892-1955)  Violet Margaret 1892-1892 





  Maude Vera EMERY 1893-1988 





  Elsie May CHRISTIE 1895 - 1987 





  Alexander Alec 1896-1939 





  Ida Madge 1898 -1962 





  John 1902-1902 





  Frederick William 1903-1988 





  Reginald Arthur 1906-1925 





  Rita Marjory





  Una Jean born 14 April 1912 at Sale and died at Cobram on 27 Jul 1990 married Colin Betram BATEMAN (born 14 April 1911 at Coburg Victoria) on 24 August 1940 in Melbourne 





Robert WYND born 1874 died 1945,




Alexander b 1834, Errol, Scotland 






Ann b 1838, Errol, Scotland





Marjory b 1841, Errol, Scotland




 Robert born 26 Sep 1801 at Inchture Perth Scotland








marchie3 Marchie (Taylor) Wynd
Wife of Alexander Wynd