Fords of Katandra

Victoria Australia

  Thomas Place BATEY

Spouse of Eliza Ann FORD

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Headstone at the Katandra Cemetery



Martin 1878-1948 
Thomas Place 1880-1940
Edward Theodore 1882-1949
Francis Arthur 1884-1951
Lilian Victoria 1886-1888
Lauristina May 1888-1975
George Robson 1890-1920
Isaac Lloyd 1893-1974
Lemuel Reginald Valentine Fitzhawthorn 1895-1916
Camelia Evelyn 1897-1977
NAME Thomas Place BATEY
BIRTH DATE 25 November 1845
BIRTH PLACE Plenty River, Victoria, Australia
(now Greensborough).
SIBLINGS         Isaac 1839-1928
John Robson Seeborn Fergusson 1840-1901
Alice Elizabeth
William Newby 1848-1896
Martha Margaret
Martin Bartholomew 1853-1910
Mary Anne (WHITE) 1856-1937
Hannah Eleanor  1858-1924 
Francis Sanderson 1862-1895
Evangilena 1865-1946
EDUCATION Name of School
OCCUPATION Occupations
MARRIAGE DATE 23 March 1878
MARRIAGE PLACE Melbourne, Victoria, Australai
DEATH DATE 04 August 1902
DEATH PLACE Katandra, Victoria, Australia
BURIAL DATE 06 August 1902
BURIAL PLACE Katandra Cemetery,
Section, C of E,  R1 G13,
Katandra, Victoria,  Australia.
CAUSE OF DEATH Heart attack
KNOWN RESIDENCES 00 Name Street Town, State yyyy-yyyy
00 Name Street Town, State yyyy-yyyy
00 Name Street Town, State yyyy-yyyy

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Family Memories 

William BATEY born 1662 at Haltwhistle, Northumberland, England married Elizabeth LISHMAN born 1664 Bywell Northumberland.
They had a son named William BATEY born 1687 at Stonhall, Haltwhistle, Northumberland who married Sarah (1690-1733).
William and Sarah had 11 children.
John 1712, Thomas 1714, James 1716, William 1718, Elizabeth 1720, Edward 1722, Isaac 1724, Hugh 1726, Sarah 1728, Mary 1730-1769 and Joseph 1733.
Their 7th son, Isaac BATEY born 1724 at Limestone, Haltwhistle, Northumberland married on 7 March 1753 at Haltwhistle to Hannah SURTEES born 1735.
Isaac and Hannah BATEY had 5 children.
William 1754-1818, Ester 1755, Hannah 1758, Sarah 1761 and Isaac born 8th February 1764 at Haltwhistle, Northumberland, England and died in 1837 at Lanchester, Durham, England.
Isaac BATEY married Eleanor DODD born 9th March 1766 at Ovington, Northumberland to parents Martin DODD (1721-1775) and Mary HALL (1731-1814). Eleanor died May 1839 at Lanchester, Durham, England.
Isaac and Eleanor BATEY had 7 children (all born at Cornsay, Lanchester, Durham, England).
Isaac (1794-1814), Mary Ann (1796-1824), William 1798, Edward 1799, MARTIN 1802-1874, Thomas 1805 and Hannah 1807.
Isaac and Eleanor BATEY'S 5th child, Martin, was born on 24th August 1802 in Cornsay, England and died in 1874 in Sunbury, Victoria, Australia.

On 9th January 1839, Martin BATEY married at Aukland, Durham, England to Alice Place ROBSON born 23 March 1819 in Aukland, Durham England to parents Thomas ROBSON and Alice PLACE. She died in 1903 in Sunbury, Victoria, Australia.

Martin and Alice BATEY had 12 children.

Martin was a book keeper at Woodhouse colliery, Bishop Aukland. He married his boss's daughter, Alice ROBSON. With son Isaac (who was born on 14th April 1839 at Durham England, and died 1928 at Castlemaine, Victoria, married to Lynda WINTER born 1840), they migrated to Australia aboard the SS Ferguson of 550 tons which, with 285 passengers left Plymouth on 28 September 1840 to arrive 15 Jan 1841 at Liardets Beach (now Port Melbourne) The passengers were taken ashore in rowing boats as there was no pier. Martin and Alice spent 5 years at Plenty River (now Greensborough) Victoria before arriving at Red Stone Hill (Sunbury) on 27 Jan 1846.

Martin was a prominent citizen of Sunbury - J.P. and Acting Magistrate, 3 times President of the Shire Council, and the Sunbury Shire Gallery - his photo on it's Pictorial Honour Roll of Past Presidents as well as his name recorded on the Shire Honour Roll.

There is an article named "On Fifteen Thousand Acres: It's Bird -Life Sixty Years Ago" published in "The Emu" A Quarterly Magazine to Popularise the Study and Protection of Native Birds" on 1st July 1907 (pages 1 - 17). It is written by Isaac BATEY, Drouin, Victoria, and I assume this is the eldest child of Martin and Alice BATEY.
In this article he describes the area from his early observations as a young man from 1846 on his father's station.
This can be read in full at or purchased for $25.00 at this website
Also in 1907 there was a transcript published by Isaac BATEY named " The Early Settlers of the Sunbury District".
There is also a 186 page unpublished manuscript by Isaac BATEY that would be interesting reading for any BATEY descendant - named "Reminiscences". It covers the period from 1840-70, of settlement of Melbourne and the Sunbury district, based on the recollection of Isaac Batey and the accounts told to him by his father, Martin Batey, who arrived in Melbourne on the ship the Ferguson, 16th January, 1841. Includes a transcript of Martin Batey's diary, 15th September, 1840-15th March, 1841, describing his voyage to Australia and life on the Plenty River; his account of early settlements. There is one copy held at the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.
Click on this link for more details -

At the State Library of Victoria there are also "Notes" (manuscript) by Isaac BATEY and "Papers" covering farmers and pioneers at Sunbury, Werribee and Keilor. The author is described as follows:- Isaac Batey was a Victorian settler and grazier in the areas around Sunbury, Werribee and Keilor. He kept sheep on this land and is known to have made an inventory of native birds in what is now known as the Organ Pipes National Park, just outside Melbourne. Batey came to Port Phillip in 1841 with his father Martin Batey. He grew up at Red Stone Hill, between Bulla and Sunbury.


Martin and Alice BATEY'S second child John Robson Seeborn Fergusson BATEY was born 31 December 1840 on board the SS Ferguson, 1500km off Albany. (You can see how he got his middle names - maybe they are spelt "Seaborn Ferguson"?). There is a John Robson BATEY birth registered at Plenty River, Victoria in 1844, this is most likely the same person, perhaps being born at sea, his birth wasn't registered until they had child number 3.
 John BATEY married Adelaide Barker DYER born 30 March 1855.
The following article regarding John BATEY was in The Argus (Melbourne Vic) Wednesday 5 June 1901.

Notice is hereby given that after the expiration of fourteen days from the publication hereof application will be
made to the Supreme Court of the State of Victoria, in its Probate jurisdiciton that PROBATE of the WILL of JOHN ROBSON
SEEBORN FERGUSSON BATEY, late of Avenel in Victoria, steam-threshing machine proprietor-deceased, may be granted to
Adelaide Barker Batey of Avenel aforesaid widow of deceased, and sole executrix named in and appointed by the said will.
Dated this 5th Day of June 1901
H. A. M. BROMFIELD, Nagambie, procter for the said executrix.

Martin and Alice BATEY had child number 3 at Plenty River, Victoria, Alice Elizabeth BATEY was born in 1844 and married David SWAN.

Child 4. Thomas Place BATEY was born at Plenty River in 1843 (read this page in full for Thomas's story).

Child 5. William Newby BATEY was born 23 September 1848 at Redstone Hill, Sunbury, Victoria# and married Elizabeth Penelope MAXWELL. died 16 September 1896 at Benalla, Victoria

Child 6. Martha Margaret BATEY born 1851 at Bulla Sunbury married Darrell McMAHON.

Child 7. Martin Bartholomew BATEY (b. 24 May 1853- d. 8 December 1912 "Wyroona") born at Bulla Sunbury married Sarah Anne CAMERON.

Child 8. Mary Anne BATEY (1856-1937) born  Bulla Sunbury married William George WHITE born 1856

Child 9. Hannah Eleanor BATEY (1858-1924) born Bulla Sunbury

Child 10. Francis Sanderson BATEY born 1862 at Bulla Sunbury and died 1895 at Kalgoorie W.A.

Child 11. Evangilena BATEY (1865-1946) born at Bulla Sunbury.

#Redstone Hill is a hill located in the south of Victoria. Redstone Hill is at an altitude of about 257m above sea level.

Redstone Hill is close to the town of Diggers Rest (3.7km away), the city of Sunbury (4.18km away ) and the village of Bulla  (5.81km away).

During the 1850's most of the land in the Shire of Melton was sold by the Crown. Those squatters without capital that
was now required to retain their pastures lost out to those people with accumulated capital who acquired much larger
areas of freehold as they became available.
As a result three owners soon dominated the Port Phillio district. Clarke, the Chirnsides and Staughton.
In 1850 WJT Clarke applied to purchase 20,000 acres of Sunbury under an 1842 Land Act. Despite strong public condemnation, especially by local squatters, he succeeded in purchasing 32,317 acres of this prime land.  Together with his additional entitlements to three times that area of adjoining land in "grass-right", this spelt disaster to the Batey's of Redstone Hill and all Clarke's new neighbours. It came on top of the drought of 1850 and then the'Black Thursday' fires in February 1851.


THOMAS PLACE BATEY owned the Cornsay flour mill at Avenel, named after his father's place of birth in England.

THE ARGUS (Melbourne, Vic) Saturday 27 April 1878, page 3

By Public Auction
(If Not Previously Sold Privately).

E.W. HILL has received instructions from Mr. J. P. Batey to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on Friday, May 24, at Shelton's
Imperial Hotel, Avenel, unless previously sold,
All those recently erected and substantially-built premises known as the Cornsay Flour Mills, Avenel.  The mill
building is 20 x 40, with iron roof, and contains three floors, two pair stones, 18ft silk reel smutter(??), and all the
latest and best applicances for the manufacture of first-class flour.  The engine is 8 h.p. portable.
Storeroom and outbuildings, all erected upon 1 1/2 acres freehold land, well enclosed.
In placing this admirable property before the public, the auctioneer begs to state that Mr. Batey has spared neither
time, trouble, nor expense in making it one of the most complete and compact plants in the colony, and his reasons for
selling are that his other business connexions demand his whole attention.
It is beautifully situated upon the bank of Hughes Creek, within sight of Avenel Railway Station, which is one of the
greatest wheat depots in Victoria.
For further particulars apply
E. W. Hill, auctioneer, Nagambie.

The following newspaper clipping was cut out and kept by Clara Beatrice FORD (nee) REYNOLDS, and was kindly provided by Clara's descendants:

Sudden Death.


The death of Mr T P Batey, J.P, at Katandra, on Monday afternoon last, created quite a sensation through the district, where he was well known and widely esteemed.  It appears that he had been engaged with some neighbors and his sons in constructing a water channel near his property, and appeared to be in his usual good health and spirits.  About two o'clock he was leaning on the fence, and suddenly exclaimed "Halloa!' what's this?" placing his hand over his heart.  He reeled and fell into the arms of Mr Ford, who was standing near by, and expired without another word.  A magisterial inquiry was held, by Mr J Bennett, J.P., of Dookie, at which the medical evidence was to the effect that death was due to fatty degeneration of the heart, deceased being a big, powerful man.  A verdict, in accordance with the medical testimony was returned.  Deceased originally hailed from the Sunbury district, and for some years carried on a flour-milling business with his brother in Avenel.  He settled in Katandra 22 or 23 years ago, after his marriage, and speedily made himself popular with his neighbors, who were impressed with his keen business abilities and clear foresight.  He represented that part for six years as a councillor in the Yarrawonga Shire Council, giving every satisfaction to his constituents.  He acted as a justice of the peace for many years, and in this capacity his time was always at the disposal of his neighbors, many of whom will regret the loss of a shrewd adviser in difficulties.  The funeral on Wednesday was the largest ever seen in the Katandra district, the place of interment being the katandra cemetery.  The burial service was read by the Rev. Mr Blackham, Church of England minister of Dookie, and the funeral arrangements were conducted by Mr W.F. Bowen.  Deceased leaves a widow and nine children, and much sympathy is felt for them in their sad bereavements. At the magisterial inquiry the following evidence was taken:- Thomas John Ford deposed - The deceased is my brother-in-law.  He and I were together about 2 o'clock on Monday, 4th August.  He was standing against a fence, with a shovel alongside him, he moved away from the fence, and was in the act of stepping over a drain when he fell back and died in my arms, - Joseph Herbert Ford (another brother-in-law) and Martin Batey (eldest son of deceased) also gave evidence. - The testimony of Dr R.P. Rankin, who performed the post-mortem, showed that death was due to sudden syncope, due to the fatty condition of the heart. - A finding in accordance therewith was given.





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