Fords of Katandra

Victoria Australia

  Elizabeth NORBURY
Married George ROBINSON

1st child of Peter Ford NORBURY & Mary BURGESS

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 gum tree karobean 6th september 2010 3

 Elizabeth & George ROBINSON
Annie Bapt 14 May 1882
Mary Alice Born 1884
Bapt 21 February 1886
Elizabeth Bapt 21 February1886
George William Born 1888
Bapt 27 April 1890
Peter Bapt 27 April 1890
Joel Norbury  Bapt 23 January 1895
Harriet  Bapt 7 October 1896
Ernest Bapt 19 March 1902
Emily Bapt 24 June 1906
Frank (Possible) 1891-
Bur 12 December 1894 

BAPTISM DATE 00 month year
BAPTISM PLACE town, country
SIBLINGS         Ann 1862-yyyy
     Mary 1864-yyyy
Martha 1867-1913
Hannah 1870-yyyy
Emma 1872-yyyy
Joel 1874-yyyy
Sarah 1876-yyyy
John Thomas 1878-yyyy
Harriet 1879-1936 
Ethel  1882-yyyy
Albert  1885-yyyy
EDUCATION Name of School
OCCUPATION occupation
MARRIAGE DATE  30 December 1880
MARRIAGE PLACE  Alderley, Cheshire
DEATH DATE 1916 (Oct-Nov-Dec Qtr)
DEATH PLACE Northwich, Cheshire
BURIAL DATE 1916 (Oct-Nov-Dec Qtr)
BURIAL PLACE Northwich, Cheshire
CAUSE OF DEATH info from death cert
KNOWN RESIDENCES            Knutsford Road,
Great Warford, Cheshire
Foden Lane, Chorley 1881
Hall Lane Chorley, 1901 
Oswald Farm, Chorley, Alderley Edge, Cheshire 1911 

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 gum tree karobean 6th september 2010 3


Family Memories

Marriage Details:
George Robinson & Elizabeth Norbury, married December 30 1880,in the parish Church in the parish of Alderley, in the county of Chester. George and Elizabeth both signed the register and was witnessed  by William Robinson, (George's father) and Mary Norbury (Elizabeth's Mother) service performed by Edward John Bel? Rector

1901 Census
Shows George and Elizabeth living next to Henry & Lilian BILSBOROUGH (Lilian is cousin to Elizabeth. Elizabeth's father, Peter Ford Norbury and Lilian's Father, Joel Norbury are brothers)

1911 Census
George and Elizabeth are listed to as have 10 Children 9 Living & 1 Deceased and they had been married for 30 years
George, age 55 Farmer
Elizabeth, age 51
Mary Alice, age 27 single, Dressmaker, born Alderley Edge
George William, age 23 gardner, born Alderley Edge
Peter, age 21 farmer son working on farm, born Alderley Edge
Joel Norbury, age 17 Wheelwright, born Alderley Edge
Harriet, age 14 farmers daughter at home, born Alderley Edge
Ernest, age 10 School, born Alderley Edge
Emily, age 5 school, born Alderley Edge




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