Fords of Katandra

Victoria Australia

 Mary Kingston HARCOURT

Spouse of Francis Thomas FORD

Photo Below

Francis Thomas Ford & Mary Kingston Harcourt's Wedding 
L-R Caroline May Ford, Francis Thomas Ford, Mary Kingston Harcourt, George Grant Harcourt (Mary's brother).



Colin Francis 1935-2002
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Living Female 19xx
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NAME Mary Kingston FORD (nee HARCOURT) 
BIRTH DATE 5 February 1912
BIRTH PLACE Tungamah, Victoria
SIBLINGS         George Grant 1910-1964
Cecil John 1915-2008
Gladys Emma 1922-1945
EDUCATION Devenish State School
SPOUSE Francis Thomas FORD (Frank)
MARRIAGE DATE 2 March 1935
MARRIAGE PLACE St Augustine's Church, Shepparton,
DEATH DATE 5 November 1999
DEATH PLACE Gold Coast QLD, Australia
BURIAL DATE 10 November 1999
BURIAL PLACE Allambe Gardens Cemetery
Rose Garden No 5, Site 376A
Nerang, QLD, Australia.
CAUSE OF DEATH Respiratory disease
Vascular disease
KNOWN RESIDENCES Devenish, Victoria 1912-1945
Benalla, Victoria 1945-1946
Charles Street, Benalla 1948-1969 
Gold Coast QLD 1969-1979 
Unit 3, 9 Riverview Parade,
Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

Photo to the right

Mary & Frank Ford
Surfers Paradise Qld







Family Memories

Mary was  a true 'country' woman.  She was raised on the Devenish farm and remained there until she married Frank.  She had 5 children.  She was a kind, loving and devoted mother, remaining gentle, caring and loyal to her children at all times.  She had a calm disposition and it was never her nature to discipline her children vigorously.  Indeed the love that she showed to her children was the equal of the affection she had for friends and acquaintances in the community.  She was never critical and always accepted circumstances.  In fact her nature was so warm and gentle, she enjoyed broad and complete popularity in the community.

She was a very loyal and hardworking wife.  She personified the saying 'behind every successful man is a good woman'.  Frank was an ambitious and driven man in business and community activities and Mary provided the supportive home environment to enable Frank to manage his business matters with undiminished focus and effort.  At times, his drive required added patience on Mary's behalf and she met these demands undaunted.

Mary was very active in the community as a member of the Country Women's Assocation.  She was also engaged in charity events, school functions, church gatherings and service organisations in which Frank was a member.

At home, in addition to nurturing her children, she cooked traditionally, was an accomplished dressmaker and attended to her home and garden with care.

In 1955, somewhat reluctantly, she left to travel overseas for 9 months with Frank.  She left two young boys at home in Benalla in the care of a fond Aunt - Meg James.  Intitially, she was worried about the boys and full enjoyment of her trip overseas was not realised.  Later, while in London, professional advice urged Mary to relax and enjoy the pleasure of travel.  This pleasure was duly manifest in subsequent overseas trips when she travelled with Frank to Asia, England and America.

A health problem that Mary had during her pregnancies was varicose veins.  This problem was duly corrected by a skilfull surgeon.  However, circulatory problems were to impact her in later life.  Nevertheless and in general, she maintained good health into the 1990's only to find her quality of life in the final years compromised by lengthy stays in nursing homes.

Ultimately, she lived a full and active life.  She worked hard and enjoyed the fruits of that work during her 'retirement' years.




fmf6 Frank & Mary Ford
Gold Coast, Easter 1992
80th Birthday.
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